Bioenergetic Learning Modules

The Learning Modules are sponsored by NABT and provided by Taylor University and the Department of Biology to enhance the learning of bioenergetics. Please click on the links below to access the varied learning modules. Although photosynthesis produces the products (either directly ore indirectly) that cell respiration uses, it may be more beneficial to teach the cell respiration process first. This would allow students to work from the relevant to the unknown.

Plug-in Required

Each page will contain a link to either a self-contained program for use on PC computers or if you prefer, you can choose the link to a web-bssed program that can run on either PC or MAC.

Attention Web-Based and MAC Users

Use the links on each page "Web-Based or Mac" to run the learning modules. The Web-base Instructional files on each page will require Authorware Web Player (version 7) plug-in.
Authorware web link You must first install the plugin from the link above or from the instructions on your CD.

Mitochondrial Mysteries Demystified

Unit on the process of cell respiration.

Photosynthesis Revealed

Unit on the process of photosynthesis.